Together We Win

Become a Point Partner

We Want To Partner With You!

Becoming a Camellia Bay Resort Point Partner allows our guests to redeem their Player Club Points for purchases at your place of business. This results in a successful relationship for you and our guests — who will ultimately become customers of yours. Our guests receive the added value of point redemption at various locations, and if the guest is not from the region, they can experience new tastes, activities, and purveyors — all while driving tourism dollars to the area.

What is the Point Partner program?

How Does It Work?

Guests earn points playing their favorite slots, then redeem points for gift certificate to your business.

Is it free?

We promote our Point Partners on a multitude of platforms with potential for giveaway drawings and/or events. Our marketing experts will handle the advertising, you get the sales!

Becoming a Camellia Bay Resort Point Partner is free for local businesses. There is no cost to you.